Daycare at


Monday-Friday 6am - 6pm
Saturday and Sunday - Closed


Half Day

Up to 5-Hours
$ 15

Full Day

Up to 12-Hours
$ 22


$ 30

More Details

Your first day of Daycare is free, bring your dog by and give us a try!

Nail Trimming is available by appointment, this includes trimming and dremel – 10$



A perfect solution for when you're at work, run errands, or just need to get out.


Guaranteed to have a tired pup after all the exercise.


We have over 45 years combined professional experience working with dogs


Do you have any Breed Restrictions?

We have no breed restrictions.

Is there always someone with my dog?


What Vaccines does my dog need to attend?

We require that all veterinary recommended vaccines are up to date.

Should I bring food with me?

We feed your dog if you request it and provide food, but it’s not necessary.

How many dogs will my dog be with?

This varies day to day.

Do you have an outside area?

We don’t have an off-leash outside area, but we do take the dogs for walks.

Do you accommodate small breeds?

We have a smaller area to separate small breeds.

What happens if the dogs fight?

We have a level of interaction with the dogs that helps to curtail any major issues.

How does your referral program work?

When you refer someone to the Annex Doggy Daycare, we will give you one free day as a thank you!

When you bring a friend and they enroll their dog to the same training class as your dog, you get 50$ off. You can bring as many friends as you’d like!

What if my dog doesn't fit well?

We like to take the first day to evaluate how your dog fits in. We will let you know when you pick them up if this will be a good fit.

What can we help you with?

We provide a number of useful services to give your canine everything they need

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