Owner, Founder, and Training Director

Deneese’s passion for dogs has been lifelong. Since she was a girl she has had a natural knack for understanding and relating to animals & people. Ricochet, her current pup, accompanies Deneese in a certified therapy program and is a regionally titled FlyBall competitor. Ricochet also has 56 titles and is Internationally recognized.

​There has hardly been a day in Deneese’s life where she hasn’t had a dog by her side and that serves as a bedrock of The Canine Resource Center’s philosophy of being structured around family, and that doesn’t just include the pups. In addition to her canine companions Deneese also has her two sons to lean on and look towards for inspiration.

In 1976 Deneese began officially working with dogs by apprenticing for 3 years in Seabeck, WA at Fairinall Kennels. Deneese apprenticed in teaching basic obedience which allowed for a CD (Companion Dog) and CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title with the American Kennel Club. Deneese also apprenticed in teaching more advanced training, including  Bird Dog training and Personal Protection.

Deneese has had great success with dogs that she trained over the years. Dogs with her training went into Search and Rescue (GSSD: German Shepherd Search Dogs), in theater productions to include The  Seattle Repertory Theater, and The La Ponse Discovery Theater in downtown Seattle. Deneese has successfully trained dogs in different languages.

Until recently the Canine Resource Center dealt exclusively in dog obedience, but at the end of its 40th year in business the company sought to make some changes. 2018 is an expansion year for the company as they introduce The Annex. As the very definition of the word suggests The Annex is an addition to the Canine Resource Center and its services.


The Annex Manager

The Canine Resource Center is a full fledged family operation with Dom commanding the daycare helm. During the week the facility offers daycare services to accommodate the work and play schedules of clients.

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